Kick Live Views 5 hours
$ 67.60 / 1000

Kick Live Views 5 hours

No refund provided in case of incorrect link. Bounce rate up to 30%
🌐 GEO mix
🍀 Absolutely safe
⚡ Instant start
🐌 Gradual order delivery
🌱 Triggers organic sources
🖥️📱 Desktop/mobile mix
🔝 SEO Boost
$ 67.60 / 1000
ID Service Features Guarantee Min Max Start time Speed GEO
Kick Live Views 5 hours
🌐 GEO mix 🍀 Absolutely safe ⚡ Instant start 🐌 Gradual order delivery 🌱 Triggers organic sources 🖥️📱 Desktop/mobile mix 🔝 SEO Boost +7
Min Max
Start time
up to 5 minutes
up to 10000 per 1 hour

High Speed Kick.Com Stream Viewers

Be on top of! All you need is to buy stream viewers (up to 100 per hour are available). Your delivery starts very quickly — up to 5 min. The number of viewers may vary by 30%, so you may get even more than you purchased! The service works only for online streams on real channels.
How will your promotion help my channel grow? kickcomstream.png
It’s hard to get noticed on a streaming platform when you’re not that popular. However, you can buy stream viewers to promote your channel. When other people see you already have an audience, they’ll think your content might be interesting and will watch your streams and subscribe, too!
Is the service worth its price?
Today, there is a huge variety of SMM promotion services that offer you to purchase stream viewers. However, not all of them are of high quality and safe. It’s important to avoid cheap services, as using them won’t get you good results (and may even put your personal info at risk).

At, we value our customers’ safety and needs, so we provide them only with the best and high-quality stream viewers. All of our services are fairly priced as we guarantee a fast result and secure buying process.
What is a refill guarantee? How can I refill my followers?
Our refill guarantee is intended to protect customers from order drops. Drops could be the result of several factors, including the features of algorithms, and it's our goal to keep engagement levels up.

In case your purchased order decreases, we’ll refill it as soon as possible. However, not all our services have a refill option yet (check 'Specifications' in each service page to find out which services offer this).

This service has no refill guarantee.
Is it safe to buy stream viewers? We’ve been on the SMM promotion market for more than 5 years now, and all that time we were aiming to provide customers with the best and safest services. To make sure our products work well, we tested and improved them before launching. Therefore, you can get the best version of a service, which complies with our strict requirements.
How fast will you deliver my order? We ensure fast turnaround times for our services — they’re usually delivered within a day since the purchase. This stream viewers service has an average speed of up to 100 per hour. You can get more specific details about start time and delivery speed in the 'Specifications' section of a service.
What are your guarantees? You can rest assured that your account is in safe hands with us. guarantees you a secure purchase and confidentiality. Also, you can text our Support Team 24/7 if you have any problems or suggestions.
Why should I use your services for promotion? kickcomstream.png
Drawing attention to your content can be a difficult task on such a popular streaming platform as However, has got you covered! We apply top-notch SMM promotion techniques to help our clients accomplish their desired SMM aims, such as boosting engagement through more stream viewers.
Can I choose another GEO for stream viewers? This service allows customers to get worldwide stream viewers. You can also check out our 'Services and pricing' page for services with other GEOs. Don't give up if you don't find the service that you are looking for. Give our Support Team a chance and explain your needs in detail. We can always try our best to add the geo-targeted service for you!
Will my order drop?
A lot of streamers face the issue of stream viewers drops. It can be caused by a number of reasons like viewer boredom or simply because of platform algorithms. Whatever the case may be, it can be a difficult problem to tackle.

As a solution for this issue, we add about 20 to 40 percent additional stream viewers to your order. You won't lose your other stream viewers, since only the extra ones will disappear in case of a 'drop'.
How can I buy stream viewers? If you want to attract more attention to your streaming channel, buying hq streaming viewers at is an easy and effective way to do that. Just visit the page and browse through the 'Services and pricing' section to choose the service which best fits your needs. Then, complete the order form (provide a link to an online stream on a real channel) and finally submit your order.