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RexSMM is a fully automated platform for promotion in social networks. We offer services That will help you to make your content recognizable the most effective and safe way. Working with RexSMM you do not have to pay more money to intermediaries and agents. Buy the best promotional services from the first hands and our support team will always help you to choose the best services depending on your goals

We offer the best services in a variety of price categories. Depending on your goals and wishes, promotion can cost you as much as a few cents or thousands of dollars. We believe that their promotion should be affordable for everyone and we try to present the highest quality services.

Everything depends on your goals and a service you will choose to achieve them. You can find the delivery speed and start time in service description.

Our panel has both basic services for bloggers, streamers, musicians, and brands, as well as exclusive offers you won't find anywhere else. You can develop your account on any platform, get a wide reach, deep engagement from subscribers and start monetization with us. Here you can find the full service and pricing list: https://app.rexsmm.com/services

We have different traffic sources: partnership websites, Google Adwords and motivated traffic. So you can choose a needed service according to the traffic source, any of them are available for you.

You can create an order in the appropriate section of the site: https://app.rexsmm.com/orders/create or use the order widget on the site

To create an order you need to select the platform for promotion, the most suitable service and provide a link to the content you want to promote.

All detailed information about your order you can find in your personal account https://app.rexsmm.com/orders. It is only available to authorized users. If you created your order via widget on the site, please check your mail, you must have received a password to enter your account. In addition, information about changes in the status of your order will come to you at the email address that you specified during registration or during the creation of an order.

There are several ways to earn money with RexSMM:Do simple tasks and get rewards, download our bot and make him do the tasks, participate in our referral program or install your unique order widget on your website

• Perform tasks and get rewards:We offer our users to perform simple tasks like watching videos, leaving comments, etc., and get paid for it. You can do all this manually or run our bot, which will do the tasks in the background. Learn more about how to earn $4000+ with our bot: https://app.rexsmm.com/tasks/start-earning

• Participate in referral program:Bring your friends ResSMM and get a fixed % of their spending. Find the referral link, and then see the list of referred users and status on them you can inе https://app.rexsmm.com/referral-program

• Sell via order widget with white label:Make money reselling RexSMM services. Place the order widget on your site and get 100% of the price difference. You can customize the widget appearance, prices, displayed services, payment methods etc. Widget form and detailed information about white label are available in your personal account: https://app.rexsmm.com/order-widget

Yes, you can interact with our system using our API. First you need to create a token on the "API" page in your account on https://app.rexsmm.com/api

We also provide a Perfect Panel API. For API Perfect Panel, please add https://core.rexsmm.com on the provider`s admin page.

API Documentation is available in your personal account: https://app.rexsmm.com/api/documentation

If you have any questions or have any custom ideas, feel free to contact our support via live-chat and they will guide you.

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